We are a multidisciplinary platform.
A combination of specialists
and experience identifying
and generating profit
we are trezna
Our Structure
- More than 20 years of experience
- Offices in São Paulo, Curitiba and Madrid
- Highly specialized multidisciplinary team.
- Renowned customers with a long-term relationship
More than R$492 million generated for our customers only in the last year!
Broad experience in Solutions and Complex Operations.
Created specifically for each company, goal and leader, focused in generating RESULTS.
Finance Efficiency
Tax Intelligence
BPO - Outsourcing
& Internal Controls
Finance Intelligence
IT Technology
& Business Intelligence
More than 9.000 cross-sectional data and analysis for precise diagnosis!
We are a team prepare to go deep inside in search of BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, specialists in finding NEW OPPORTUNITIES for PROFITABILITY.

WE ARE MULTIPLIERS and in front of an increasingly competitive marketplace, WE BRING COMPANIES TO THRIVE.

We offer BUSINESS SOLUTIONS capable of generating a FINANCIAL OUTCOME. We are the EVOLUTION OF DISCIPLINES applied jointly in our way to success.
Our team
Made up of highly specialized professionals, with vast experience in large multinationals institutions. Multidisciplinary platform formed by Administratores, Lawyers, Accountants, Economists, Engineers and Mathematicians, with solid corporate performance and highly specialized academic achievement.
Our leaders
Glaucione Martins
Specialized in finance analysis of legal procedures, helping over the last years to relevant Brazilian companies in having a thorough representation of their legal escrow accounts as well as their financial transactions in legal procedures. With a wide experience in identifying potential recovery funds and accounting and financial reconciliation, she has a great expertise in process improvement, resources and business tools through controls, adjustments, updates and settlements. Glaucione is responsible for the diagnosis through information and supporting documents which back up important operations for small and medium-sized enterprises. She also accounts for corporate audit through an exhaustive analysis followed by diagnosis and recommendations.
Laércio Ribeiro
Industrial Engineer, MBA in Business Management with more than 35 years of experience leading important organizations, coordinating resources for new businesses implementation, productive units and distribution centers, optimizing operational processes, transforming ideas and concepts into results. Analyzing market trends and creating scenes and strategies for business growth and profitability along with stakeholders, customers, suppliers, equipment, trade unions, public institutions and finance entities, he executes efficient business relationships. Laércio is specialist in big multidisciplinary team management and training, and also has an extensive corporate overseas experience (Europe, USA and Asia), dealing with joint venture negotiations, export and finance reports to stakeholders.
Orivaldo Junior
Lawyer, MBA in Trade Law with more than 20 years of experience in strategic, finance and tax planning. Pioneer in tax and finance feasibility analysis for the implementation, expansion and reactivation of industrial plants for large corporations and implementation of result-oriented projects, he is a business facilitator of high added value transactions for big-sized companies. Junior is specialist in the analysis and development of financial, tax and business solutions, result oriented and well known as tax and finance advisor for decision making within relevant players of the national market.
Sylvio Godoy
Administrator and Mathematician, MBA in Strategic Management and also MBA in Business Management and Marketing. Renowned by his extensive corporate network in B2B and B2C, he works for more than 20 years as top executive and leader of important organizations. Specialist in strategic and tactical planning, business planning and start-ups as well as in operational planning and finance optimization implementation. Sylvio has a solid experience in creating high performance teams, contributing to the consolidation, expansion or finance recovery of relevant result-oriented companies.
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Alphaville Centro Industrial e Empresarial, CEP: 06.454-020, Barueri – SP
+55 11 2970-2700
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